Armed Response and Monitoring

This is the heart of any security service provider and each unique client is the lifeblood.

This centre is manned on a 24-hour basis by professionally trained personnel who will dispatch the necessary response units and/or authorities to any situation that arises.

Clients will be notified of activations and appropriate action to be taken. Comprehensive records are kept on all activations and are archived for future reference when and if the need arises.

Yap Yap


Need a panic button when you are in danger? Look no further, the Yap Yap app is here to help you and more.

Yap Yap was written to run on the two most used mobile platforms world wide. These platforms are Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. Yap Yap is compatible with Android 4.2 and higher as well as IOS 7 and Higher. The YAP YAP Application is available on both Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store

Click here to download the Yap Yap installation manual (4MB)


  • Android and IOS compatible
  • Easy installation
  • Secure Registration (OTP)
  • Site Based Panic
  • Location Based Services
  • Site Management
  • Contact Management
  • Full Integration with Listener
  • Automated Billing