Off-Site Monitoring

Dowry provides CCTV Solutions for Industrial and Commercial premises and shopping centres. In addition to all conventional security systems, a CCTV system may be installed to allow for visual verification of events in and around premises and properties. Should the need arise to view the CCTV footage; it will be stored on computer hard-drives. Events will be monitored by trained control centre personnel who will dispatch the necessary response units and authorities to handle any situation that arises.

CCTV systems can also be installed for onsite viewing and recording.

Method Of Minimising Future Losses

On-Site Personnel are always at risk in any situation. In most cases they are not Armed and would be defenceless in the event of a similar circumstance.

The solution is to have the problem dealt with by Off-Site Operators who are not in harms way, but who can see what is happening and direct the Response in a Professional, Calm manner, since their lives are not under threat.

The precise details of the Response are contained in the Site Standing Orders, which are compiled by yourselves, in discussion with ourselves and given to our Operators.

This System has been proved to be more Cost-Effective than Security Officers On-Site!!

How To Achieve “Off-Site” Response

We employ the use of strategically placed Cameras and Video Transmission Units to stream pictures from the Client Site via an ADSL Line or Wireless Link to our Central Monitoring Station.

The System uses various Trigger Devices to initiate the feed of Video pictures to our Central Monitoring Station (CMS). This is known as “Event Only Monitoring” and is vastly more cost-effective than continual 24/7 Monitoring.

What Happens When The System Is Triggered

Initially our Operators will get an Alert Signal on their Workstation. This shows the cause of the activation – BEFORE THE EVENT OCCURS. In other words, it allows our Operators to see what happened leading up to the event.

If the Operator sees that it is a genuine Intrusion (as opposed to a false alarm) the Operator then begins following the Instructions as laid down in the Site Standing Orders.

To connect to our Control Room you will need an ADSL Line, Uncapped, with a Fixed IP and VPN Facility or a Wireless Connection.

When the System is triggered, the NETFOCUS Transmitter will immediately begin sending pictures to our Control Room. Our Operators will then begin following your Standing Orders. We will discuss the specifics of your Standing Orders once the System is installed.

The entire event can be recorded on our Hard Drive and can be used as evidence in a Court case, since it carries a Watermark.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have to install additional Lighting outside.

Trigger Devices

The NETFOCUS Video Transmission Units have a built-in Video Motion Detection capability which enables us to programme the System to activate should movement be detected in the Protected Areas.

To supplement this we also incorporate Outdoor Passive Infra Red Sensors, which perform a similar function. In addition, the On-Site Security Personnel are given Remote Panic Buttons, which will also trigger the System.

Our Operators can also trigger various Trigger Devices e.g.:

  • Pepper Gas
  • Open & Close Gates
  • Switching Lights On & Off
  • 2-Way Audio Function also available